Saturday, August 05, 2006

Would you like a boxing glove with those tears!

Come in and sit down, Ms Yada.
Tell me Ms. Yada, why are you in my class, wasting my time?

Well, I don't know...I needed the course credit...And..

Ms Yada, why are you in creative writing at all?

Well, I like it...

What else can you do?

I'm not sure I understand that...

Surely, there is something else you can do better.

Better? I don't know what you mean Mr. Carver.
I like music, and I like English Lit, but...

Well, do you intend to be a dilettante all your life?

I don't think that's being a dilettante, you know just because I like different things Mr. Carver.

Ms Yada, I don't like to read crap! I have better things to do.

Well, I don't think I write like crap Mr. Carver, if that's what you're trying to say.

Ms. Yada, your short story was crap. Your absences are abysmal. Your assignments are turned in late and you have an F average currently. Now where in there do you not see and understand the word crap!

Well, I have a few problems I admit, but...

Ms Yada, I have a few problems. We all have a few problems. So tell me what makes you different?

Well... for one goddam thing, I'm not an asshole! (Back then you could get sent to the Dean for cursing...I figure I had just died so why not shoot for hell)... You know Mr Carver, you are the saddest looking man I've ever met!

Ms Yada, that's the first thing you've said this entire meeting that made any sense!
"Now go write, and quit fucking around."

And btw, Ms Yada, I suggest you make an A on the final.