Tuesday, July 08, 2014

In Sickness and Health

Gosh another month has gone by, and my life has gone from mud to more mud. I can handle mud. I can't handle mud and write though.

But I took the time today, because in the end, we are all on this journey together, and whatever I go through and can share with my readers brings a great hope that my experiences will be a shining example of what not to do!

In the last month or so, it has become apparent to me that a close loved one of mine is probably not going to recognize me this time next year. So, whatever writing I've been able to do since that time has been dwarfed by the time it's taken to stay in touch with this loved one as best I can. Sometimes, it's been like groundhog day as I answer the same questions over and over. Some days the questions come at me like bullets, and somedays . . . they don't. I never know what kind of day she's going to have. If it's good, we'll have normal communication. If it's not, here comes the freight train of questions. Even if she wants to know why the sun is yellow, I answer each and every one with the patience of Job. Because that is exactly what's needed when loved ones begin to lose their grasp on reality. And that reality sneaks up on you and goes BOO! It seems like only a month ago, that my daughter had put her Mission papers in, and we were all excited. That's where my focus was, but before too many more days had passed, I was hit with the reality that my loved one was in the early stages of vascular dementia.

So, looking for a spot of comfort I came across this video. I've watched it practically every day since then. It hasn't left me in the mood to share my daughter's good news . . . until now. Are you all ready to find out where UteroKid will labor for the next 18 months starting August 13th?

Clue: The sky is blue, blue, blue. Almost all the time. A very deep blue, the kind of blue you read about in romance novels. In other words, BLUE.

Clue:  If I had a palm tree for every penny in my purse I'd be poor. The problem is I don't carry pennies anymore. But, even living on the East Coast of sublime green I know a palm tree when I see one!  My daughter will become well-acquainted with them. I remember as a child I wanted to be like Tarzan and swing from a palm tree. I really thought that was the coolest thing Tarzan did.

Clue: I love this area. It holds a special place in my heart. So much so, you will have already read about it in my blogtours.

Clue: It is one of 50 States. There, that should do it. If not, this will:

Dear Sister So and So:

You have been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.  You are assigned to labor in the Arizona, Phoenix Mission. It is expected that you will serve for a period of 18 months . . . yada yada Provo MTC Aug 13th, … yada, yada, English language …

ARIZONA HERE SHE COMES! Now, I'd be lying if I said she and I weren't just a wee bit disappointed she wasn't called to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America or Russia.  But it didn't take long for us to shout, "YEA, WE DON'T HAVE TO BUY COATS! Or, yea, no more 100 degree heat accompanied by a 130 degree heat index! No, we'll take a straight 115 degrees. Yea! Hallelujah!

Oh, and btw, Phoenix is gorgeous.  So my daughter is now doing the happy dance. When her friend found out, she said, "No, way. Are you serious? There's no way I could deal with that heat." Well, her friend put in her papers the same day my daughter did. Guess where she's going? I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with Hot Begas. How is she doing with that? Suddenly, heat is not a problem.

So I guess you could say this last month for me has been bittersweet. I never liked that word before. Now I know why.