Saturday, January 05, 2013

"Sucks, Doesn't It?" A Memoir, Entry 9

Chapter 9

Emergency Room, St. Agnes Hospital
Voice number one: Ok, les' watch the movie, V2! 
V2:  What’s it called?
V1:  Don’ knowed. "Flyin' Cuckoos." Sump'in like 'at.
V2:  Oh. Sounds stupid.
V1:  Jim'ny Crick't! Look'it alla'em white coats over 'at poor lady.
V2:  Takes that many to hold a person down?
V1:  Guess'in so. Hope she don’ lose her breaf . . . Uh oh. Think she superman ag'in. Look at'er fly! . . . Uh oh, she felled to the floor, V2!
V2:  Kind of rough on her, aren’t they? . . . Oh my goodness, are those leather straps?
V1:  Shhh, tryin' to hear was' they sayin' . . . Ha, ha, think she drunken.
V2:  Oh, I can’t watch this.
V1:  I’ll tell you was' happenin' then. She back on'a bed an' they stickin'a needle in her butt an' they tryin' to put straps on'er.  Husband won’ let’em, tho. 
V2:  Ouch! I hate straps and needles.
V1:  Ok, them white coats's leavin' the room. You kin open you eyes now, V2. This gonna git good.
V2:  Boy, she's making some noise there . . . Why is she crawling around like that?
V1:  'Cos she wearin' goofy rags, dopey . . . Uh oh. Here come them white coats ag'in . . . Jumpin' Jehos'phat! 'nother shot in'er butt. 
V2:  Gee. I kind of feel sorry for her. Still crawling around too. I don't think those shots are working.
V1:  Nope, they sure ain't. An' don' it seem like it been'a long time she be 'at way, V2? Poor lady . . . Look at'er go! . . . Uh oh. Nurse come in. Carryin' 'nother needle!
V2:  Hells bells, that’s three shots, V1! They’re going to kill her. You watch.
V1:  Uh oh, Mister Doctor really mad now. Takin'er blood an' tellin'er to shuddup.
V2:  What's her husband saying?
V1:  Don’ knowed . . . but he fer sure ain't lookin' happy 'bout alla 'is.
V2:  Hey, I’m getting sleepy and this movie’s stressing me out.
V1:  Yep. I feel real tir'—way'da min't! Ther' she go. Splat! On'er bu—zzzzzzzzzzz!
V2: Zzzzzzzzzzzz!